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About The School

We recognise that each student has a talent which we encourage to develop. Equally we recognise that a student, may have some difficulty with regard to a certain subject. We have qualified learning support teachers who will be able to provide suitable programmes of learning support to meet the particular learning problems of individual students.

Our school boasts a very fine library to which we continually add stock and is open to students daily. It is our policy whenever possible to have well known Writers/Authors visit us and discuss their work with our students.

Religious Education is an essential part of the school curriculum. In addition to formal instruction the school also provides for retreats and seminars on various topics. It is our concern that all students experience pastoral care. Each class in the school; has a teacher who is known to the class as their class tutor. The tutor is available to assist students with any problem(s) they may be experiencing. Throughout the school year, we have many Cultural and Social Outings with visits to Musical and Art Exhibitions. Each year many of our 1st year and 4th year students win a GRETB Scholarships to spend a month in Ros Muc.

library_girlsA book rental scheme is in operation in the school. This is a major saving for parents. The books are purchased by the school and then rented to the students. Students pay a nominal fee per year for their books.

We welcome the involvement of Parents at all times, and we believe that parents interest and encouragement are vital to student progress. We look forward to meeting parents at all times, and especially during Parent/Teacher Meetings where teachers and parents discuss their mutual interest in the students and their shared roles as educators.
A school newsletter is issued regularly informing Parents of all activities in the school.