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Health and Safety
First Aid - Mr Padraig Kelly

Occupational Health Service for Teachers
Staff are advised that the DES has put in place new procedures for managing health and welfare issues for teachers. Details can be viewed by reference to the website and following the appropriate links. The Employment Assistance Service is now part of the new procedures.

Fire Evacuation Procedures
All staff and students are requested to familiarise themselves with school fire drill exit and assembly points. information can be got from the school's safety officer. The assembly point signs are coloured green and white.
  • Remember- exit the classroom with your class group or from the staffroom/ office/laboratory/ toilet as quickly as possible.
  • Everyone should proceed to their assembly point without delay.
  • Subject teachers should take a roll call at the assembly point and report any missing students to the safety officer/deputy principal/ principal.
  • Do not re-enter the building until the all clear has been given.

Medical Assistance
Limited medical help is available from the staff room/ deputy principal's office /principal's office. In the event of a medical emergency contact the emergency  services immediately and report the incident to the teacher on duty and the principal/ deputy principal.
In the case of minor accidents contact the first aid officer students, with their parents consent, will be brought to the school doctor if necessary.

We do not administer any prescription medicines to students (designated personnel will intervene in the case of diabetic students who, on parents request, keep an emergency insulin supply in the school).
Parents are contacted by the year head/ deputy principal/ principal in the event of an accident.

Pupils are made aware and are expected to be familiar with the school rules/ code of behaviour. It is everybody's duty to report any incident which could lead to an accident.
Let's continue to keep St Killian’s a safe environment for teaching and learning. Think health & safety during the school day!